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Gingivitis has been well publicized in the media—if left untreated you would eventually need to consult with a dental specialist skilled in periodontics. Periodontics is the dental specialty involved with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease. The disease, also known as gum disease, is a chronic bacterial infection that affects the gums and bone supporting the teeth. It can affect one tooth or many teeth, that begins when the bacteria in plaque (the sticky, colorless film that constantly forms on your teeth) causing the gums to become inflamed.

In the mildest form of the disease, gingivitis, the gums redden, swell and bleed easily. Gingivitis is often caused by inadequate oral hygiene. Gingivitis can be reversed with treatment from Dr. Thomas and we will provide you with advice for good oral home care. Untreated gingivitis can advance to gum disease. If a tooth has to be extracted, periodontists can also perform cosmetic periodontal procedures, such as dental implants, to help you achieve the smile you desire. Often, dentists refer their patients to a periodontist when their periodontal disease is advanced.

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