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Implant Dentistry
Dental Implants

A dental implant is an option if you don’t want to wear a crown or a conventional bridge because of missing teeth. Dr. Thomas can provide you with a consultation to determine if implant dentistry is right for you. An implant is made from metal, called titanium that is secured into and eventually fuse with your jawbone, anchoring an artificial tooth or bridge. There are some advantages to dental implants that include:
   - Long lasting fixed alternative to removable dentures
   - Provide highly stable support for the replacement of several teeth
  - Avoids grinding down adjacent teeth as required by bridgework
   - Predictable, natural looking and natural feeling results
Implant dentistry does require careful planning to ensure a successful and comprehensive treatment plan that includes surgery. If you are able to receive dental implants, you will undergo two stages in implant therapy.

1. Surgical Phase – The implant is surgically placed into the jawbone and allowed to heal for 3-6 months. A conventional restoration is used temporarily until the implants are integrated during the next phase.
2. Restorative Phase – The implant is uncovered, impressions are taken and the final restoration is fitted.

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Bruxomania dental bridge Dental implants offer a smile that feels and looks natural.  Canker Sore Implants are surgically placed below the gums, and over a series of appointments to fuse to the jawbone and act as a base for replacement teeth.  implant Orthodontics Extraction dentist

Dental implants require the same maintenance as real teeth, such as brushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups.  Calculus Cantilever Bridge - Implants are permanent fixtures made of titanium posts anchored to the jawbone.  gums tooth

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